【On sale today! 】SOWALABO releases stampbook with “Coke/Sour soft candy” design!

Stampbook with “cola/sour soft candy” design from SOWALABO!✨


✨Today! June 1, 2022 Release✨


I’ll show you the details!


First, let’s take a look at the contents!
A “little” stampbook with 16 pages on both sides! This thin and lightweight stampbook is compact and easy to carry.

SOWARABO’s unique paper processing technology prevents ink from seeping through to the reverse side of the book!

First-time visitors to the stampbook may think, “There are so many pages, I can’t finish it,” but since there are only 8 pages on one side, you can finish it in no time! It’s easy to start!

And the back!
The backs of the BOBs, which could not be seen on the packaging of Orion’s candy “Cola Cigarettes” and “Sour Cigarettes”, are drawn!
The backs that have been a mystery for 30 years are now on display for the first time! Hmmm? There is a gold foil sticker on their backs!
The shiny sticker says, “I’ve been found! ” ”Take me with you!” written on the shiny sticker!
Is there someone under this sticker? Only those who buy it can find out!


This stampbook is full of such fun.
It will be sold at 【SOWALABO’s BASE store】!


Best regards!


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