【TV Information】BOBDOG will appear on Yomiuri TV “Osaka Honwaka TV”‼️

Friday, April 15, 19:00-19:00 56
Yomiuri TV “Osaka Honwaka TV
Unraveling the Mysteries of Kansai! Honwaka Mystery Investigation” corner

Our character BOBDOG (Bobdog) will be featured in the above program!

What is the true identity of BOBDOG, the “mystery dog” that somehow everyone has seen ‼️👀💥
Nagai, the creator of BOBDOG and our leading designer,
answers your questions with sincerity 💪

I urge you all to watch it!


From the nostalgic BOBDOG of the early Heisei era to the latest BOBDOG of 2022,
and even overseas products, we prepared all kinds of bobs for the shoot.
We are very excited to see what kind of VTR it will be.
Maybe the BOBDOG you all know will make an appearance…!
Enjoy 🤗✨