Skip Bunny

Skip Bunny


A mysterious world made of only pop and lovely things.
The five cute bunnies who live there spend their days chatting, dressing up, and having fun.
Why don't you take a look at the happy life of Skip Bunny?



Happy Symbol:Star
He is the leader of the five close friends.
He has a strong sense of responsibility and will never allow anything to go wrong!
When he gets an idea, he's the first to act. However, he can be a bit noisy when he's in charge....


Happy Symbol:Heart
She loves to dress up!
She's always trying to be pretty, always checking out fashion magazines!
She loves to talk, especially when she talks about love, she can't stop.
A little prone to falling in love♡


Happy Symbol:Moon
He is the coolest of them all.
He knows a lot of things that everyone else doesn't know and is respected.
But he likes to be alone because it relaxes him.
His hobby is fortune-telling, and he is skilled in tarot.


Happy Symbol:Flower
She loves flowers so much! So, she knows everything about flowers.
But when she starts to concentrate, she can't hear what others are saying.
She is a bit fickle, stubborn and self-paced.


Happy Symbol:Shine
He's so energetic that he doesn't like to sit still,
so if you take your eyes off him for a moment, he's out of sight! He likes to play pranks, and if there is an incident, he is always the cause.
But he's very innocent, so everyone are not able to hate him...